“Tim and Susan Vermaas are a tremendously gifted team with a God-given burden to reach children with the Gospel. Tim and Susan have a gift for making the Bible alive and fascinating, and understandable while never losing sight of the eternal. Many children have received Christ, and many others have been guided to Biblical answers to real problems through Tim and Susan. Tim’s and Susan’s ministry has been fruitful not through the contrived manipulations of children’s emotions but by doing their best and letting the Holy Spirit do the rest. In II Timothy 2:2 Paul admonishes Timothy, ‘And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.’ It has been my privilege to commit what I have learned in Children’s ministry to Timothy Vermaas, and I commend him to you.”

Paul Ditman – Founder of Good News for Little People (Graduated to Heaven – June 17, 1995)

“Tim and Susan Vermaas are active members of the Fairview Baptist Church of Athens, Tennessee. They reside at Camp Fairview and have determined through much prayer to operate the work of Good News for Little People as part of the ministry of the Fairview Baptist Church. We are so pleased to have a part in this very effective work with children. The Vermaas’ couple a knowledgeable program with tender compassionate hearts for children. To say they are successful in this endeavor is an understatement. Wherever they go, churches are blessed, boys and girls are saved and discipled, and God’s people are encouraged to do more to reach the children in their prospective areas. I have watched the Vermaas’ closely and have grown to love them dearly and to respect them highly as co-laborers. It is my pleasure to recommend Tim and Susan Vermaas as children’s evangelists with Good News for Little People to your Church.”

Dr. Jack Scallions – Pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in, Athens, TN

 “Mr. and Mrs. Tim Vermaas have dedicated their lives to the great cause of reaching children with the message of Jesus Christ. Brother Tim preaches and faithfully gives the gospel. He and his wife use ventriloquism, gospel illusions, and puppets to draw and hold the interest of children. I would like to commend the ministry of Mr. and Mrs. Tim Vermaas and recommend that many churches use them for special campaigns in reaching children.”

Dr. Lee Roberson – Pastor Emeritus of Highland Park Baptist Church, in Chattanooga, TN  and Chancellor of Tennessee Temple University (Graduated to Heaven – April 29, 2007)

“We have just finished a wonderful Vacation Bible School with Tim and Susan Vermaas. It was by far the best Vacation Bible School we have ever had. These are very gifted children’s workers. They are very dedicated to their specialized calling. Our children fell in love with both of them and so did all of our workers. ‘Dusty’ the ‘dummy’ was everybody’s favorite. We rejoice in the large number of decisions recorded for Christ during the five nights they were with us. We will want to have them back again as soon as possible. I am happy to recommend these delightful, dedicated folk to you.”

Dr. Tom Wallace – Pastor Emeritus of Franklin Road Baptist Church, in Murfreesboro, TN

“It is a privilege for me to recommend Tim & Susan Vermaas to you. In my opinion, they are among the finest children’s workers in our country today (but adults love them, too!). I have had them at Starkey Road Baptist Church for the past four years and have just booked them for another week. Let me give you several reasons why they would be of great value to your ministry:

1.  They give ample evidence of a genuine burden to see children saved and discipled.
2.  They are sound in doctrine but also have a submissive spirit toward the pastor and local church.
3. They are so creative! The ventriloquism, illusions, stories, and demonstrations fascinate children, but also present a Biblical message each time.

Since I have no reservations about encouraging you to have them for a meeting, I would be glad for you to call me for a personal word about them and how they served our church.”                      

Jerry Lancaster – Pastor of Starkey Road Baptist Church, in Seminole, FL

“In every youth leadership meeting I conduct it is a privilege to make available the address of Tim and Susan and the ministry they have. It comes from an obvious heart for God and for children. Both work together as a team for God, both have gifted abilities. You can trust them to handle God’s Word correctly. Their evangelistic zeal is accompanied with careful explanation of God’s salvation plan. Tim and Susan will be invited back again, once you use them to minister to your children! I have used this young couple for our National events, and will again. It is obvious that God has blessed them with wonderful ministry abilities. Each complements the other as a team for God! They handle God’s Word carefully. You will see many saved when they come!”

Abb Thomas – Founder of Master Ministries, in Milford, Ohio

“I wholeheartedly recommend Tim and Susan Vermaas with Good News for Little People.  Tim and Susan are obviously dedicated to the ministry of Jesus Christ and have a passion for sharing the gospel with others.  They clearly explain the message of salvation and give others the opportunity to respond, but leave the results up to God.  Their desire to glorify God manifests itself in the excellence with which they minister.  Not only will they bless your ministry with a quality program that is both entertaining and theologically sound, but they lead private lives of impeccable character.”             

Ben Hammond – Pastor of First Baptist Church, in Bremen, IN

“If you are looking for a couple to minister to your children, I would like to recommend Tim and Susan Vermaas. This dedicated couple were greatly used of the Lord to teach Bible Truths so that children listened and responded to the Gospel invitation at both of our camps – Ponderosa Bible Camp in North Alabama, and Camp Victory in South Alabama. It is very evident that Tim and Susan love ‘Little People’ and that ‘Little People’ love them.”

Jonas Miller – National Representative for Children’s Bible Mission, Inc.
(Graduated to Heaven – February 2003)