December 13, 2015 – Good News Reflections – Update on Susan

Dear Praying Friends,

As most of you already know, Susan had abdominal surgery on Thursday morning. About an hour after admitting her into her room (following surgery), Susan’s eyes rolled back, and she became unresponsive – thankfully it happened as I was talking to her. I immediately called the nurse, and she wasn’t able to get Susan to respond either. In just a moment, a team of nurses (and soon Doctors) were in the room – Susan’s BP had dropped to 56/25.

They immediately began pumping fluids into her system, and rushed her back for emergency surgery. About an hour later, the Doctor called to let me know that Susan was fine – they had found where she was bleeding and were able to stop it (they had to give her 3 units of blood during surgery).

Susan finally made it back to her room Thursday evening, and they watched her closely throughout the night. She had to stay in the hospital an extra day, but thankfully we were able to bring her home Saturday afternoon. Please keep praying – She is hurting quite a bit and will need to take it easy for several weeks.

Susan has had a LOT of abdominal pain for many years, and we are hoping that this surgery (along with the gallbladder surgery last month) will drastically reduce her pain level in the future.

Also, please be praying for me as well – I am having minor surgery on Friday (they are going to clean up some torn cartilage in my right knee). Susan will not be ready to drive yet, so a friend is going to take me there and back.

Thank you again for your prayers and your encouragement! God is SO good – we have ALL been blessed beyond comprehension!

Reaching Families for Him,

Tim, Susan, and Rachel Vermaas

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