December 20, 2015 – Good News Reflections

Dear Praying Friends,

Tim’s knee surgery on Friday went well – they repaired several tears in the cartilage of his right knee (an old basketball injury – – from 16 years ago). He is pretty sore, but should be fine in a couple of days. He has three weeks of Physical Therapy after Christmas.

Please keep praying for Susan – she is still in a lot of pain from her surgery on the 10th (and probably will be for a while). She has a follow-up visit with her doctor after Christmas.

Rachel is doing a great job taking care of us, but she doesn’t think her calling is in the field of nursing. She is a sweet young lady and has been such a great help!

These last few days have allowed us to spend some extra family-time together. It has been good for us to slow down during this most special time of year, as we celebrate the birthday of Jesus!

Reaching Families for Him,

Tim, Susan, and Rachel Vermaas

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