Teacher Training

Teacher Training Topics

Leading Children to Christ (1 Hour) – This session is designed specifically for dealing with children during an invitation. We will look at three main questions that will help us to determine if a child is ready to give their life to Christ.

A Heart to Teach (1 Hour) – Are you burdened to teach young people the Truths of God’s Word? Whether you have taught for years or this is a new endeavor, this session will challenge you to use the talents and abilities God has already given you, to reach the hearts of young people.

Creative Visuals (2 Hours) – Do visuals have to be expensive and high tech to be effective in our culture today? What about simple object lessons – can they hold the attention of young people? This session is filled with a variety of visuals that fit both categories. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Ventriloquism – the FUN Way to “Vent” (1 Hour) – If you’ve ever wanted to be a ventriloquist, but didn’t know where to start – this class is for you. Lip control, basic techniques, and a whole lot of practice will get you on your way to using this exciting tool for ministry! (Please bring a small mirror to class for practice exercises.)

“Basic Training” for Puppets (1 Hour) – Are you considering puppetry for your ministry, but do not know where to begin? In this session, we will teach the basic techniques of puppetry. If you plan to start a puppet troop, use puppetry on your own, or learn ventriloquism, this class is for you.

Juggling 101 (1 Hour) – This is a fun “hands-on” class designed to teach the basics of juggling. Come prepared to have a “ball.”

Making it Count! (1 Hour) – Are your illusions just for fun, or do they have an eternal message? In this session we will look at the value of using illusions to teach your audience, rather than just entertaining them.

Reaching the Hurting Child (1 Hour) – What would you say to a young person, if they shared with you that they have been abused? How would you help them? How would you help their family? In this session, we will look at some practical ways to help Church leaders minister to the hearts of young people who have been hurt by abuse.

Forgive! – and Forget?! (1 Hour) – Forgiveness never changes yesterday, but it can change what happens today. In this session, we will discuss the “How” and “Why” of Biblical forgiveness. We will also share some principles that will help you minister to those who are struggling with these issues.

Could It Happen Here? (1 Hour) – How safe is your Children’s Ministry from allegations of abuse? Is just anyone allowed to work with your young people? In this session, we will discuss several preventative measures that every Church should consider before recruiting leaders for their Children’s Ministries.

Safeguarding Your Children’s Ministry (1 Hour) – What steps have you taken to protect your Church, the children you minister to, as well as the workers who minister to them? What safeguards are established to minimize the possibility of an allegation? In this session, we will share a variety of ideas to help increase the safety of your Children’s Ministries.