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Animal Ballooning

Gospel Balloons

Balloon hq

Animated Children’s DVD’s

Nest Family Entertainment  

Christian Book Distributors – CBD

Baptist Sites

Faith for the Family

Baptist Friends

SWORD of the Lord

Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Baptist Mid Missions

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

Baptist 411

Fundamental Preaching

Biblically Themed Environments

Holy Smoke Studios

Black Light

Creative Ministries – Dale and Liz VonSeggen

Books, Music, DVD’s, etc.

Bible Truth Music

The Wild’s

Christian Book Distributers

Faith for the Family

SWORD of the Lord

Bob Jones Press

North Valley Publications

Chalk Art

David LeGrand (Chalk Art Conferences and Supplies)

Ding Teuling – Peggy Esher  

Dan Ondra

Matt Bowman

Child Abuse Prevention Links

National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-4-A-Child

Medline Plus

Prevent Abuse Now

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute

Child Welfare Information Gateway 

Child Help USA

Children’s Defense Fund

Child Stats

Children’s Music/Drama

Bible Truth Music

Patch the Pirate

Faith for the Family

Children’s Bible Hour  

Cedarmont Kids  

Discovery House Publishers 

Christian Book Distributors – CBD

Bob Jones Press


A Clown and More

Drama Share

Sara Offutt – “SaranDipAKnee”


Clown Ministry

Madhatter Magic Shop

Costumes and Drama

Christian Costumes

Christian Skits and Scripts  

Christian Drama 

Drama Share

Creation vs. Evolution Speakers and Organizations

Answers in Genesis – Ken Ham

Christian Science Evangelism – Kent Hovind

Creation Family Ministries – Jeff and Heather Setzer     

The Vermaas Family – Tim, Susan, and Rachel Vermaas    

Anchor Stone International   

East TN Creation Science

Discipleship Correspondence for Young People

Master Clubs – Abb Thomas and Kerby Richmon   

King’s Kids Clubs International – Pastor Keith Thibo        


The Mailbox Club – George Eager               

Children’s Bible Hour – CBH with Uncle Charlie   

Ed Dunlop’s Materials

Video Projection Review Games

Books and Resources

Face Painting

Christian Face Painting Resources

Sara Offutt

Family and Children’s Evangelists

The Vermaas Family      

Ed Dunlop Ministries         

Creation Family Ministries – Jeff and Heather Setzer     

Flannel Graph

Betty Lukens

Child Evangelism Fellowship – CEF

Flash Cards

A Beka – Joyful Life

Child Evangelism Fellowship – CEF

Furniture (for Church and School)

Worthington Direct

Games for Young People

Interactive Felt Stories

Master Clubs Games

Online Bible Games


A Beka

Bob Jones Curriculum

Accelerated Christian Education – ACE

Rosetta Stone – Learn a new language

Resources for Christian Teachers

A-Z Teacher Stuff

ABC Teach

Christian Book Distributors – CBD

Free Coloring Pages

Star Fall

Vision Forum


Home School

Home School Zone

Local Home School

Digital Interactive Video Education

Top Education Sites

Sites for Teachers

Preschool Sites

Fishing the Net


Fellowship of Christian Magicians – FCM

Dock Haley Magic       

Duane Laflin

Madhatter Magic Shop

Abbott Magic

Arthur Stead Magic and Music – Royalty Free Music

Magic 4 Us

Wonder Imagery


Christian Jugglers Association


Juggling Store

Madhatter Magic Shop

Music License

Christian Copyright License – CCLI

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Office Depot

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Overhead Projectors and InstaFrames

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Projector Screen Store

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Bill Gothard

Ranger Rick

Your Big Backyard

RV Helps

RV Upgrade Store

RV Consumer Group

Fifth Airborne

Hitches to Go

Electrical Products

AEM – Air Induction Systems

Camping World

Go Camping America

Go RVing

RV Trader Online

NADA Guides

Sound Equipment


Musicians Friend

Long’s Electronics

Z Zounds – Mini Gig Rig

All-Pro Sound – Countryman Earset Mic





Dummy Works – Maher Studios Course on Ventriloquism                 

Vent Haven  

Creative Ministries – Dale and Liz VonSeggen


Puppet Productions

Puppets for Jesus     

Bible Puppets  

Puppets for Ministry  

Puppet Resources 

Sagecraft Productions

Children’s Church Skits

Kid’s Sunday School Place

Sunday School Skits

Lightshine Puppets

Vent Resources

Chaney, Steve.  Learn Ventriloquism.  Maher Ventriloquist Studios, Box 420, Littleton, CO, 80160.  (303)798-6830.  Cost:  $24.95.

Detweiler, Clinton.  Maher Correspondence Course.  Maher Ventriloquist Studios, Box 420, Littleton, CO, 80160.  (303)798-6830.  Cost:  $89.95.  With Steve Chaney’s video, Learn Ventriloquism, add $20.00.

Detweiler, Clinton, Ventriloquism in a Nutshell.  Littleton, CO, Maher Ventriloquist Studios, 1974.  The basics of Ventriloquism with exercises and script segments.

Engler, Larry and Carol Fijan.  Making Puppets Come Alive:  A Method of Learning and Teaching Hand Puppetry.  New York: Taplinger Publishing Co., Inc., 1980.

Gilbertson, Irvy.  More Practical Puppet Plays.  Springfield, MO.  Gospel    Publishing House, 1980.  Scripts based on Biblical principles: eight skits for 2 – 6 year olds, eleven skits for 6 – 12 year olds.

Gilbertson, Irvy.  Puppet Plays for Missionettes.  Springfield, MO. Gospel     Publishing House, 1982.  Eighteen scripts based on Biblical principles, specifically designed for girls (but easily adaptable for a mixed audience).

Harp, Grace.  Handbook of Christian Puppetry.  Denver, CO.  Accent Books, 1984.  Making, staging, manipulating, coordinating, and using puppets effectively in the classroom.

Marsh, Fredda.  Putting It All Together in a Puppet Ministry.  Springfield, MO  Gospel Publishing House, 1978.  Basics of puppetry, instructions for making   puppets and stages, twenty puppet skits based on Biblical stories and principles.

Pearson, Mary Rose.  Fifty-two Children’s Programs for Church Time.  Denver, CO.  Accent Books, 1985.  Fifty-two Bible lessons with fifteen puppet plays and twelve dialogues (for puppeteer or ventriloquist) to illustrate the lessons.

Pearson, Mary Rose.  More Children’s Church Time.  Denver, CO.  Accent Books, 1982.  Twenty-six Bible lessons with fifty-two puppet plays to illustrate the lessons.

Schindler, George.  Ventriloquism:  Magic with Your Voice.  New York.  David McKay Co., Inc., 1986.  Details for becoming a ventriloquist.

VonSeggen, Dale and Liz VonSeggen.  Puppets:  Ministry Magic.  Loveland, CO  Group Books, 1990.  Instructions for organizing and directing a teenage puppet team.  Nine puppet scripts: some for children, some for teenagers and adults.

VonSeggen, Dale and Liz VonSeggen.  Reaching and Teaching with Puppets.  Video.  Order from One Way Street, Inc., Box 2398, Littleton, CO, 80161.  Ninety-minute video covers training puppeteers and developing a puppet ministry.  Has several performance segments.

Warner, Diane.  Puppets Help Teach.  Denver, CO.  Accent Books, 1975.  Twenty-six scripts for younger children based on Bible stories, Biblical principles, special occasions, and holidays.

Winchell, Paul.  Video.  Maher Ventriloquist Studios, Box 420, Littleton, Co, 80160.  (303)798-6830.  Cost:  $29.95.

Zabriskie, Pat.  Pointing the Way with Puppets.  Springfield, MO. Gospel Publishing House, 1981.  Twelve scripts teaching the importance and principles of the Bible, and a feature-length Christmas script.

Zabriskie, Pat.  The Puppet People.  Springfield, MO.  Gospel Publishing House, 1979.  Seventeen puppet scripts based on Biblical principles. 

Organizations for Puppeteers and Ventriloquists

Fellowship of Christian Magicians – FCM

Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers – F. C. P. Mail Center, P. O. Box 4361, Englewood, CO, 80155.

North American Association of Ventriloquists – Box 420, Littleton, CO, 80160.

Creative Ministries – Dale and Liz VonSeggen

Vent Haven

Worldwide Directory

Christian Video Film Makers

Advent Film Group

Sherwood Pictures – Fly Wheel, Facing the Gaints, Fireproof

Video Projection, Bulbs, Screens, and Graphics


Interlink Electronics  

Bible Believer’s Evangelistic Association  




Projector Screen Store

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Tiger Direct

Pureland Supply – Projector Bulbs

Digital Juice   

Worship Scapes    

Digital Hotcakes    

Worship Digital Media   

Sound and Vision Media Service    

Christian Collages    

Christian Journey

Christian Clipart


Witnessing Tools

Way of the Master

Majestic Media

Moments With The Book – MWTB (tracts)

Tracts for Churches

Gospel Tract Store

SWORD of the Lord