The Dusty Corner


It’s an interesting life living “out of a suitcase,”  but I’m not the only “Dummy” who travels with the Vermaas Family – there’s quite a few of us in the crew.  I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to a few of my pals.                                                              

 Toby and Itch”

“Toby” has quite an appealing character, especially when eating his favorite dessert – banana cream pie.  “Toby” (and his little friend“Itch”) won’t leave you scratching your head about where we came from.

“Frito Lay”

“Frito Lay” is one of the most requested friends in our crew.  He’s a Spanish speaking donkey with quite an appetite for fun. 


“Charlie” the Church mouse is usually a happy little guy, except for when he gets “ratted” on.  He likes a lot of different kinds of food, like: Swiss . . . Cheddar . . . Mozzarella . . . Feta . . . Colby. . . Pepper Jack . . . Brie . . .  American . . . Asaigo . . . Cottage . . . Cream . . . Bleu . . . . Romano . . . Ricotta . . . Gouda . . . Limburger . . .  Muenster . . . Provolone . . . Queso Blanco . . .


“Clucky” is a colorful fellow whose been known to “Duck” the issue from time-to-time, but he sure is good at “quacking” up a crowd!



“Sadie” is the only girl in the crew.  This “Southern Bell” is quite unusual (to say the least) and is so ugly she’s cute.  It’s not enough to meet Sadie – she’s one of those characters you have to experience.

“Danny the Dinosaur”

           Rachel with Danny the Dinosaur

“Danny” is a fun loving baby dinosaur that will steal your heart in a BIG way.  He was brand new for 2011, and we are eggcited about him being a part of the line-up.